Job Postings Don’t Have To Be “Cool”.

As part of the brand’s visionary evolution in meeting changing customer portfolio, they are seeking an influential change catalyst for this role, who will be empowered to lead the architecture of a refreshing strategy and implementations aligned to the expanding business aspirations.

This was the opening paragraph of a job posting I saw recently. I read it twice, and what went through my mind was this:


I’ve seen a recent trend of “innovative” job descriptions as companies try to make themselves stand out, and it annoys me to no end. A job description should do just that – describe the job. Throwing together a mishmash of big buzzwords does nothing to further that objective. The above ad tells me that (i) the poster wants to hire a psychic who can mysteriously understand what he wants; and (ii) the jobseekers who respond are likely only people who randomly apply to every job under the sun.

So while a job description like “Plan and write marketing and communications collateral including the annual report, press releases and newsletters” sounds about as sexy as Alfred E. Neuman, it gives a real picture of what the job entails, and you’re more likely to attract candidates with the right experience since the requirements, however boring, are clearly articulated.

I’m not saying that all job postings should be as dull as ditchwater. By all means, spice up them a little. “Drive the overall company branding strategy by preparing collateral materials with a creative flair” is like putting a layer of light makeup – perfectly acceptable. Just don’t go all Extreme Makeover.

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