The Mean HR Lady (me!) is an old bird who’s been knocking about the HR world far longer than I’m comfortable to admit. Cynical, sometimes downright sarcastic, this site is a collection of random ramblings on my experiences in the corporate workplace. Oh, and just for context, I’m based in Asia so some of my rants might not make sense to you if you’re outside of the region.

Laugh, cry and be entertained with the gossip, scandals and rumours in The Horror Stories as I spill the beans on the most incredulous situations HR practitioners encounter in the office. Equally politically incorrect is The Ugly Truth, where I dish out HR advice with a generous dose of harsh reality.

I’m not completely without heart though, and will occasionally write legit HR content (or what I call “stuff you can – and probably should – use to improve yourself”) in The Serious Stuff.  In support of the HR community, I also share other writers’ works, be it articles or books, in The Reading Room and provide my two cents’ worth on them – which are not guaranteed to be positive.